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We suggest you take at least a week for your first trip to see a spectrum of the highlights in the top three cities. To discover more of China , like charming Guilin and lovely giant pandas, you will need a few more days.

Quick Van Tour - too many destinations... - Sacred Valley of the Incas

Till now, you might want to know how much does it cost to travel China. Beijing and Shanghai are the top gateway cities for international flights. Most customers chose them. China has visa-free transit policies for certain cities and regions. Learn more about visa- free Chinese cities to know if you could make a visa-free trip. Most multi-city China tours require a tourist visa, e. If that is what you can see yourself doing, see our guide to Chinese visas. China's cultural and historical attractions are good for a visit all year around. Spring April—May and autumn September—October are generally the most comfortable and recommended times for a China tour.

They are neither too hot nor too cold, and fall is generally drier and warmer than spring. You can get more detailed tips on Best Times to Travel to China. With a private guide and transport you can maximize your time. You can focus on the sightseeing you want to do, and skip the long queues in the most crowded attractions. Our tours can be customized according to your interests and requirements. Contact us and w e can help you tailor-make a first time tour. Our consultancy and tour design service are well worth taking advantage of.

AU: UK: All: Choose Where to Go — 5 Recommendations. Don't let the planning stress you out Tell us your travel ideas and we will work for you to create your very own unique China trip. Create My Trip. Photo: mariagraziamontagnari.

Winds of Plague - One Body Too Many LIVE Thrash & Burn Tour

Many travelers renting a car for their trip instinctively start their rental on the day they arrive, picking it up at the airport. This will help you save on the rental and parking, and help preserve your fragile jet-lagged sanity. The same holds for Paris , Amsterdam , London , Barcelona … really any major city with a well-preserved historic center.

That car will wind up in an expensive garage. Get the car on your way out of town. This will also give you flexibility in terms of pickup location, as rental car agencies offer a wide variety of pickup spots in most major cities, often with many options around the major train stations. Remember when researching on most major hotel reservation websites that the hotel results are often ranked by those that the website wants you to book.

Filter by guest rating, neighborhood, and price, and start digging around to find the good stuff. Related: Our favorite cheap hotels in Paris packed with old-world charm. Related: How to save on hotels in Europe. You can almost always save by not using a rail pass. Photo: jseita. Buy these tickets like the locals: Book early and get great discounts. A rail pass would not have made these more affordable.

'No one likes being a tourist': the rise of the anti-tour | Cities | The Guardian

Having said that, there are still some reasons why you might want to book a rail pass. And yes, if you plan to take a great number of long-distance trains, it can pay for itself. They come with some other benefits, as well, like a new family discount in that allows two children to travel for free with a Eurail pass-carrying adult. Related: Read previous posts about booking rail tickets , how to book slower trains in Europe , the three-month rule for high-speed tickets, how to save on French rail tickets , and booking German rail tickets.

Been there. Give yourself a break by not over-booking activities before you leave. Photo: prawnpie. You can book museum tickets and passes, walking tours, boat cruises… The list is endless and quite tempting.

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However, try to remain calm and limit the number of smaller activities that you pre-book, as you risk wasting cash and causing disappointment. Making plans and compiling itineraries is a great idea — but pre-booking every small attraction puts you at the risk of burning out, skipping things and wasting money. Having said that, a couple of high-profile sights are worth pre-booking, especially during high season when their lines could lead to long waits, or worse, not being able to get in.

Photo: yourdon. That book was my companion, folded, dog-eared, and often tucked under my arm. Its value became doubly-obvious when I witnessed a couple in the ancient Agora trying to read information off of their iPad in the blazing hot sun. Relying on electronics is risky and can be unnecessarily costly. Batteries die. Sun makes it hard to read.

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And data charges are incredibly expensive. If you plan to use your phone abroad, call your carrier now to check on rates. As we have written in several previous posts if you plan to use your phone abroad, call your carrier before leaving to discuss your international options. First, you should make sure that your phone works abroad and has been activated for international use.

Secondly, you should discuss with your carrier the costs associated with using your phone to place calls, send texts, send emails, and access the internet. Check out Verizon offers similar plans.

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  • Call your carrier, get a plan if you plan to use your phone, and then make sure you set up your phone to avoid accidental data charges in brief: turn off cellular data and restrict the number of apps that can use cellular data. And, as a plan, stick to free Wi-Fi networks for downloading and sending emails, checking the Web and using apps.

    Another option? Buy a SIM card for your phone when you get to Europe. Withdrawing cash from ATM machines like this one in Berlin is almost always cheaper than converting dollars on your own. Photo: skohlmann. Should you buy euros before your trip to Europe. Travelers waste a lot of money purchasing euros from their bank or worse yet, from a currency exchange counter before arriving in Europe.

    In most cases when exchanging money from home before a trip, you will pay dearly in fees, lousy exchange rates, or both. I often arrive in Europe without a euro in my pocket. Call your bank before you leave to ask about international ATM transaction fees, as they vary widely depending on the bank, the type of account you have banks often wave transaction fees for premium accounts , and the type of ATM accessed abroad your bank may have international locations or partnerships with local banks. I have experienced long lines at the ATM, which has led me to use my credit card for purchases rail or bus tickets into town, for example until I found an ATM in the city without a line.

    Related: Questions to ask your bank before you leave. He travels to Europe several times a year to update EuroCheapo's hotel reviews. Email Tom. Your email address will not be published. Renting a car and doing a road trip on your own can get pretty expensive as well, because of the crazy drop-off fees for one-way rentals. We did the Berlin-Prague route and liked it so much that we booked also the Prague-Vienna a few days later. They contract with the banks using the bank name but charging a larger fee and paying the banks for assuming the operations of these ATMs. People should go to a bank even a bank in the airport and get euros.

    On long vacations and trips, this method has saved me a lot of money. I totally agree with what you said about guide books! We try to use Rick Steves books wherever we go. The points that you mentioned in the post is very important.