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The curriculum is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and more. Activity topics include sports and games; storytelling; technology; visual arts; science; performing arts; language and word games; making, building, and tinkering; nature; and cooking. Curiosity Machine is powered by Iridescent.

Design Squad , a popular PBS Kids show, provides activities and curricula guides to teach 9- to 12 -year-olds about engineering design. The focus areas—such as electricity, force, simple machines, and transportation—include activities that allow students to build their own robots, circuits, games and more. Engineering Adventures is a free curriculum designed for students in out-of-school time programs in grades Curriculum units include electricity, avalanches, acoustic devices, flying technologies, and more.

Explore Science: Zoom into Nano is a series of five lessons designed to engage students with nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering. Exploratorium After-School Snacks are a collection of science-based activities designed for afterschool. These free activities explore the science of the world around us, engaging students in lessons on static electricity, simple motors, and more using household materials.

Family Creative Learning is a workshop series that engages children and parents to learn together using Scratch and MaKey Makey. The free online Facilitator Guide includes everything you need to plan for your own Family Creative Learning Workshops.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The curriculum was designed for middle school participants in afterschool programs. Howtosmile is a collection of more than 3, free science and math activities curated by educators from museums, public television stations, universities, and more.

Filter activities by age group, material cost, and learning time to find activities that best suit the needs of your program. LinkEngineering is an online community and resource portal for educators looking to engage students in grades K in engineering. Resources are posted by LinkEngineering community members and include a wide variety of activities and curricula.

NASA Wavelength is an online collection of peer-reviewed Earth and space science resources for all grade levels. Explore the NASA Education site as well for many exciting ways to bring space science into your afterschool or summer program. The Design It! Designed for elementary students and the afterschool environment by the National Partnerships for Afterschool Science and the Education Development Center with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Plum Landing is an environmental science initiative designed to engage children ages with hands-on science activities. This includes three curriculum pathways designed for afterschool, clubs, and camps, as well as online learning games and environmental webisodes. Materials include semester- and year-long curricula, activity kits, instructor guides, and websites that offer content appropriate for afterschool programs.

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  • One World: A global anthology of short stories!

Science Action Club is a network of afterschool programs supported to offer citizen science to students in grades 5 to 8. Members receive online and in-person trainings, curricula, and supplies. From the California Academy of Sciences. Offered in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The programs are interactive, which allows kids to learn through hands-on instruction and play. Programs are offered in a number of different formats, including after school, on weekends, and over the summer.

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Camp topics include robotics, programming, minecraft, and more. These camps focused on digital technology are held in various southern cities. These videos about jobs in science, technology, engineering and math can help you decide.

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Have some fun with his home demos. Check out its list of contests and summer grants. Environmental Health Student Portal : Interested in learning more about chemicals, air quality and water pollution? This website has videos, games and experiments to help you along. Kids Ahead is packed with all kinds of resources, including scavenger hunts, videos, articles, links to local activities and fun events and info on cool jobs, that inspire and excite.

MathMovesU : Hone your math skills with online games, virtual thrill rides and national competitions! MathMovesU also offers a variety of scholarships and sponsorships. During their Cannonball Chemistry experiment, they accidentally drove a cannonball through the side of a house.

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Science Bob : Bob is a science teacher who loves to experiment often on Jimmy Kimmel. His website has videos, links and plenty of ideas for build-your-own experiments and science fair projects. Check out their games section. Scratch : Designed for kids age 8 to 16, Scratch is a place where you can program your own interactive stories, games and animations. TechRocket : A great learning tool for kids interested in programming, graphic design, and more!

Levels range from beginner to advanced. Use math to reveal the mysteries of Xeno Island or join forces in a race to disengage a bio-digital virus. Gamestar Mechanic : Learn to design your own video game!

Explore game-based quests and take courses to build your skills. Machinarium : An incredibly slick point-and-click adventure game. Mathemagics Mental Math Tricks : Amaze friends and parents with these quick but impressive mathematics tricks. Minecraft : Minecraft is a popular 3-D block-building game that pushes your imagination to the limits.

Protect yourself against nocturnal monsters or a build a giant one-of-a-kind creation. National Geographic Games : Journey deep into the nano-world. Build the greenest city in the universe. Prepare for the apocalypse. Some of these games are free; some must be purchased. Portal 2 : A mind-bending action adventure game built around physics principles and environmental puzzles.

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Suitable for teens. Quantum Conundrum : Your uncle has disappeared. And his house just got very weird. Welcome to the physics-based puzzle game known as Quantum Conundrum. Robots for iPad App : Everything you want to know about robots in one easy app. Robots for iPad has degree views, lots of articles and specs and hundreds of photos and videos. Immerse yourself in a six-day aviation-themed learning adventure at the National Flight Academy in Florida. Collaborate with fellow students on solution-defying math problems. Learn about game design and development, programming and apps, filmmaking and visual effects or 3-D modeling and animation.

Nanotechnology Teacher Workshop

Engineering Summer Camps : Fancy some problem-solving this summer? Designed to support underrepresented middle school kids, these popular summer science camps are located across the country. Program your own app. Code in Java. Students learn through classes, hands-on activities, and more!

Physics Wonder Girls at Indiana Wesleyan University : Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Physics Wonder Girls camp offers middle school girls the opportunity to take part in hands-on physics experiments, projects, physics-based games, and science tours. Field trips and racquet sports included. Camps focus on topics like engineering, game design, robotics, and more. Score points on a themed playing field and develop solutions to real-world challenges.

Future City Competition : If you can imagine it, you can build it. You can engineer a fast, efficient and stable racing car in the Racing Challenge, teach a robot to navigate a course in the Rover Challenge, transition to renewables in the Energy Challenge or do something completely new in the Innovation Challenge. NSBE Jr. Middle school and high school students are eligible. Math Contests AMC 8 : Test your math skills in this question, minute multiple choice contest held every November. Top teams advance to the state competition and then to the National Competition in May.

Trophies are mailed to top-ranked middle school and high school students at the end of the year. Explore some of the options available to you in science, technology, engineering and math.

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Lots of videos. Wondering what marine biologists do? Want to watch a video on becoming a veterinarian? NASA has a list of other professions, including robotics engineer, computer scientist and oceanographer, for you to consider.